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We love seeing Chilifi out there in the world, knowing that every order we post is delivering life and smooth umami spice to meals around the country.

Chilifi was dreamt up in the home to bring authentic flavor to authentic people, and as it has grown, its versatility has made it a trusted friend to professional kitchens, too.

We’re always open to letting restaurants sample and experiment with our Good chili in olive oil, playing with their potential: the hidden depths and fresh hit.

Chili oil from fresh chillies designed with soul. Just good things, made well.

Our creations have already found a home in dishes and menus across the country. If you’re passing through Yountville, Calif., and want to explore the potential of what our signature The Good Chili can become, take a trip down to The Restaurant at North Block, and taste some of our sun and spice with their seasonal menus and signature cocktails. It sounds pretty good to us.

Real ingredients, real people, real flavor.

And this first partnership is only the beginning. We have deals with some brilliant, innovative cooks and kitchens on the way (watch this space).

For now, if you’d like to use Chilifi to bring a little spice to your restaurant’s menu, we’d love to hear from you.

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 ‘Amazing! I use it on everything - noodles, chicken, even eggs and avo. Has become my go-to’

‘Much deeper flavor than some oils, a good heat but real taste to it as well. My husband’s never been a big chili person but even he’s using it for everything’